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Coaches who have great training support teachers. Teachers who have great coaches make a lasting, positive impact in the classroom.

The Coach PD Project
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The Coach PD Project:

Proven Training Methodology

Supportive Coaching Community

Live and Self-Paced Instruction 

What Makes Gerety Education Team Different?

Gerety Education
Gerety Education
Gerety Education

Proven Results

We have a strong emphasis on applying the research. We focus entirely on helping coaches engage in the behaviors that will actually change teaching practices.

Experienced Trainers

Our training is clear, focusing on a complete system that works to change teacher behavior. Over the last decade, we've trained thousands of coaches who are making a difference for teachers and students. 

Supportive Network

We begin with an understanding of the current reality in schools, and work with coaches to meet their goals. We know coaching isn't always simple and straightforward, and we support our coaches every step of the way.

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Here's why other coaching programs fail and how we've addressed these issues:

They don't offer a simple, effective, coaching model. 

Other programs include complicated "roles" and "stances." Our coaches focus on the five things that research says can truly change teaching practice. 

They don't offer support beyond initial training.

Other programs fail to provide support following training. Our coaches have access to a collaborative network and a coach of their own. Instead of feeling isolated, our coaches have someone to turn to when problems arise.

They don't include practical strategies for implementation.

Other programs often ignore the inevitable barriers to success. Our coaches understand what to do when obstacles and competing demands challenge their ability to coach effectively.

They don't change practice.

Other programs often fail teachers and students when they fail to change practice. Our coaches learn a research-based coaching model that is easy to implement. It makes them more effective in coaching teachers (even those who resist coaching) and ultimately makes a difference for students. 

A Word about Coaching Through the Pandemic

Put technology to work for you

For almost a decade, we've been using technology to coach remotely. We know how to change teacher practice without ever stepping foot in the classroom. And we can help the coaches we train do the same for the teachers they serve.

Confidence is Key

At Gerety Education Team we know you want to deliver instructional coaching that makes a positive impact on students. To do that, you need effective coaches.
The problem is, many coaching initiatives are ineffective. They’re a waste of time and money, which leaves you feeling frustrated. We believe implementing effective coaching should not be so hard. We’ve trained thousands of coaches, and we know good coaching leads to positive changes for teachers and students.
We also understand that you want to invest your professional development dollars wisely and maximize the impact on student learning. That’s why we use our proven methods to deliver high-quality professional development and ongoing support for instructional coaches.
Now, you can stop wasting time and money. Register today. Your coaches will support your teachers, and teachers will positively impact student learning.

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Learn 5 things that change teacher behavior - and 5 that don’t!

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